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Socially Responsible Investing

In recent years, interest in issues such as climate change, water conservation, workplace diversity and human rights has intensified, moving Responsible Investing into the mainstream.

Although "Socially Responsible" mutual funds have been around for decades, for many years they remained a small niche within the investment universe. Now, growing public acceptance of climate change is leading to a spike in demand for the next generation of socially responsible funds called ESG funds.

ESG funds incorporate environmental, social and governance criteria in the investment selection process. These types of funds favor investments in companies that actively choose to pursue sustainable practices within their business operations.

Some ESG funds may exclude particular companies with low ratings on environmental, social or governance issues, while other ESG funds use an inclusionary process that favors companies doing a better job on these issues.

To meet the growing interest in ESG investing, Compton Financial Group has partnered with Calvert Research and Management to incorporate such factors in part or all of a portfolio. By incorporating our own active management and portfolio construction with a focused screening process, we feel that we are able to meet our clients desire to invest responsibly without sacrificing performance.

Let us know if you're interested in this type of investment approach.

Positive Impact. Competitive Results

Today’s Responsible Investing isn’t simply about excluding "sin" stocks. It’s about investing to achieve both a positive impact on society and favorable investment results.

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What's Your Impact?

Discover the difference that investing responsibly with Calvert can make. We actively engage with companies to help drive performance and social value. Select a fund* from the dropdown menu.

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The Calvert Principles for Responsible Investing

Learn more about what guides our selection of companies for all our indexed investment strategies, and many of our actively managed strategies.

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