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Wealth Management

Rule #1: Don't lose money. 

Rule #2: don't forget Rule #1

- Warren Buffett

Advice and Planning

The first, and most important step in the process is to spend time getting to know our clients on a personal level.  It is important to understand each persons' personal experience and aspirations before we can make investment recommendations.  We draw on extensive experience to ask the right questions and lay a solid foundation for your investment plan. We review your current financial situation in detail to better understand your short- and long-term objectives, such as risk tolerance, liquidity requirements, return objectives and income requirements. We use this information to define and document your goals and expectations.

Portfolio Modeling and Design

Our objective is to help maximize your investment returns potential within the context of your financial goals while working within your stated risk tolerance. We employ sophisticated modeling tools that illustrate the future implications of different portfolios applied to your financial situation, assets and cash flow needs. Together we then agree on your optimal allocation construct a portfolio to meet your needs.

Manager Search and Selection

We consider manager selection an art as well as science and believe that clients need access to a broad universe of money managers. These are chosen from a combination of institutional money managers, mutual fund companies or exchange-traded funds. With over 17,000 mutual funds available, our goal is to help investors make effective selections by applying a disciplined selection process. Our Investment Committee selects managers based upon a number of factors including: management integrity, investment risk, investment style, fund performance, expense ratio, manager tenure, concentration, and turnover of holdings.


Our investment process begins with establishing a range of expected returns based on assets class, market capitalization and geography.  The primary pillars of our assessment are based on valuations, return potential, correlations, and risk.  Qualitative analysis and quantitative screens from both internal and external sources help guide our decisions and ultimately our portfolio allocation.  When it comes to implementing our strategies, our team focuses on assessing risks at the security level and managing risk at the portfolio level to match our clients' long term investment objectives. 

Reviewing, Due Diligence and Reporting

Wealth management is an ongoing process and therefore requires structure and discipline to make sure that you continue to be on track to meet your goals.  We review the managers we have selected for you and will proactively notify you if changes are recommended. Investment clients receive monthly and quarterly statements, and we hold in-person meetings annually or as needed.  Assets are not held by Compton Financial Group, LLC but, instead, by an independent third-party custodian.