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Financial Planning

The goal isn't more money. 

The goal is living life on your terms.


- Will Rogers

Compton Financial Group is a comprehensive financial management firm providing services for clients at all stages of their financial life. The goal is to identify where you are trying to go, and then help create a plan to get there.  As independent financial representatives we are able to offer objective, unbiased financial guidance to our clients.

We have been servicing investors in the Baltimore area since 1978, and believe in focusing on fewer, more intimate relationships and offering a more value-added service to our clients.

Compton Financial Group has a passion for helping clients integrate money and meaning by linking their personal goals with appropriate financial planning strategies. We do this by using a total wealth management approach. Each area is important individually, but managing them all collectively is one of the most important considerations in your overall financial success.

Financial Planning

Creating a financial plan for our clients is much more of an “art” than a “science”. We believe that a successful financial plan is based on a deep understanding of our clients goals and objectives. We can help you to define your financial and life goals based upon your resources, risk profile and lifestyle, and then outline a balanced and realistic financial plan to meet those goals. We guide you through this process by helping you to understand how each financial decision affects your overall financial goals, and can also help you adapt your plan as life changes.

Wealth Management

Based on your financial goals and risk profile, our experienced team provides professional management of your assets. We work closely with you in order to implement prudent strategies in line with your objectives, and monitor them for their continued compliance. As independent financial advisors, and through our partnership with LPL Financial, we have the commitment and capability to act solely in your best interest with the flexibility and lack of bias to choose only those investments that best meet your needs.

Retirement Planning

We understand the uncertainty that many people feel towards retirement. Understanding how much income your investments will provide you in retirement is no easy matter. We help you to create a realistic picture of your retirement income potential and design a plan to help you maximize it, including sources such as social security, company pension plans, or retirement accounts. Knowing how factors such as taxes and inflation impact retirement income plays a critical role in the planning process. We help our clients to feel comfortable in their financial plan so that they can fully enjoy their retirement.

Insurance Planning

Benjamin Franklin said, "The only things certain in life are death and taxes." While taxes are due each year on April 15th, we really never know when unexpected events will happen in our lives. For this reason, we feel it is an essential part of any successful financial plan to be prepared for all possible risks to cash flow, income, and standards of living. It is inherent in our responsibility as your advisor to point out any risks to your financial future. We represent no insurance companies and sell no proprietary insurance products, and are therefore free to search the entire industry to recommend the best fit possible.

Education Planning

We all want the best for our children and want to plan for their success. Unfortunately, the costs associated can be mind-boggling. Just like retirement, it is unrealistic to wait until the last minute to begin saving for tuition. Whether you are considering 529 College Savings Plans or some other form of custodial account, we can provide you the tools to make the best decision for your investment. From determining the right account structure to properly funding it, we educate our clients and help them put together a successful plan.

Estate Planning

With the overwhelming uncertainty of the estate tax regulations, planning has become more important than ever. Simply stated, estate planning is focused on the conservation and distribution of assets in line with your stated objectives, and making sure your assets pass efficiently to those you intend. Unfortunately, the topic of estate planning is not very exciting, and many people choose to procrastinate. Our goal is to make the process as simple as possible by working with your estate planning professionals to ensure assets are properly held and managed in accordance with the estate plan. Each situation is unique and we work with you through the entire process.

Tax Planning

It would be impossible to put together a sound financial plan without considering the impacts of taxes. As our tax code becomes more complicated, clients must fully understand the impact of taxes on their current lifestyle as well as the potentially massive taxes that can be paid upon your passing. The reduction of tax liabilities and the freeing up of cash flows for other purposes are important pieces of your overall financial success. Our goal is to recognize the issues that need to be considered and work carefully with other professionals to ensure a successful plan. We have established relationships with several experienced accountants or would be happy to work with your existing advisors.